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Our Plants

With over an acre in flower gardens, you can pick your own bouquet, see perennials as they are in their natural setting, with many available for purchase. Below is a list of featured and most popular varieties. Contact Nancy to learn about additional flowers growing in the garden.

​Spring / Summer

Multiple varieties of beautiful Spring and Summer blooming perennials, such as Veronicas, fragrant Antique Garden Heliotrope, Purple Penstemon, Shasta Daisies, Coreopsis, Dianthus, Gaillardia, and the Pueblo Red Hot Poker are available. We also grow ground covers including Spring Phlox, Lamb’s Ear, a vast variety of Sedums, Ice Plant in multiple colors, Ajuga  and Wormwood are also available.

Late Summer / Fall

In late Summer and Fall, the garden offers Tall Phlox, Sedum Autumn Joy, Solidago, which look beautiful in flower arrangements, Heliopsis, Ornamental Grasses, and Rudbeckia, including Mini-Rudbeckia, which is truly the star of the fall garden.

What We Offer

Out on a small parcel of land in southeast Pueblo County, Colorado, sits a small boutique shop with walk through gardens in a tranquil setting. Below are services we offer to our local community and visitors:

Hardy Perennials

Choose flowers to remove from our garden and plant into yours! Over 40 varieties of hardy perennials are grown onsite and outside, so they are super tough and ready for your local garden!

Fresh Cut Flowers


Whether you are looking for a fresh bouquet for your personal enjoyment or arrangements for that special occasion, there are a multitude of colorful flower varieties available. Pick your own or leave it to us!


We grow herbs that thrive in our climate, including thyme, oregano, sage, goji berries and more.

Succulents Garden


Hardy succulent gardens in unique containers make a perfect gift for yourself or that special friend!  Most containers are happy outside until the temperature dips below 50, and then will be happy on your indoor windowsill or sunny table through the winter.

Garden Visit

With over an acre in flower gardens, you are welcome to spend some time enjoying the quiet garden setting.

Our Guarantee


All of our plants are selected and grown to thrive in our local climate. We stand by the hardiness of our plants. If your plants don't survive in your garden, even with proper care, we will replace them.

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